Priory AASE Boxers earn their Level 1 Coaching Award

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
16 students on the AASE scheme at the Priory school have just achieved their level 1 coaching awards. Under the 
guidance of Q Shillingford the group excelled during the 4 day course and all passed with flying colours.
“ It was a fantastic four days.” Says Priory AASE coach Mark Collings “ Definitely the best Level 1 course we have ever done in here. All the boxers responded brilliantly and I have to tip my hat to Q (Shillingford) as he did a cracking job and also to Keith Walters and Ron Phillipson in the London office for helping to put the course together. We couldn’t put this course on each year without their support.”
“ It was a brilliant few days and the boxers were totally wrapped up in it throughout and they have learned loads. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a few of these boxers coaching the national squads in a few years time. There are some really bright and enthusiastic young coaches among them and it was a pleasure to see them learning so much and having fun at the same time.”
AASE student John Louis O’Toole was among those who enjoyed the 4 days and impressed on the course. “ It was a great opportunity for us to learn new skills and find out what coaching all about. I really enjoyed it and I’m hoping to help out at my club (Bromley and Downham BC) as soon as I can. Coaching is something that I’ve thought about doing once I stop boxing so this course has really helped to set me up for coaching opportunities in the future.”
The Priory School/ Frank Bruno Boxing Academy is still recruiting 16 to 18-year-old boxers for September 2016 . If you are interested, contact Karen Clinton on 01689 604377