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With both a unique history and an exemplary record in the sport, Repton Boxing Club is still very much part of it's Original Bethnal Green roots in London's East End. The Boxing Club grew out of Repton Boys Club, which was was established in 1884 by Repton Public School as a way of giving support and encouragement to the young men in one of the country's poorest communities.

It is now housed in an atmospheric former Victorian Bath House, where boxers from the area and, indeed, many miles away train in pursuit of emmulating the club's fighters who have proved themselves continually successful both nationally and internationally, and from schoolboy level to that of Olympic Gold and World Champion; Great Boxers such as John H Stracey, Maurice Hope, Olympians such as Micky Carter, Billy Taylor, Dave Odwell, Graham Moughton, Gary Barker, Sylvester Mitte, Audley Harrison and Tony Cesay are just a few to mention. Over the years the club as been the Home to well over 500 Champions and fully deserves the title of “Home of Champions” and ‘Stongest Boxing club in the UK and Europe”. The name of The Repton Boxing Club is even well known in The United States of America.

Repton offers the finest coaching for both seniors and juniors, from beginner's level upwards. The Club Boxing team competes throughout the year at various events both in the UK and abroad, while the venue itself has been regularly used for TV, Film and Magazine shoots.

With its Retro look and feel, not changed in over half a century. It is like walking on to a ‘Film Noir’ Movie set from the Middle of the last century. The Club has been used as the Backdrop and location for famous Movies, such has Guy Richies ‘Lock Stock and two Burning Barrels’ as well as Music Video’s by ‘Take That’, JLS and Olly murs and Plan B, just to mention a few.

Famous film Directors and Icons from the Arts world who visit the club, always comment on the ‘Electric Energy and Atmosphere’ they feel as soon as you walk through the door. They Love the Look and Retro feel of the club and have begged The Chairman, Dave Robinson not to Change It!
The Repton Boxing Club does not receive any funding, grants or benefits from Government or local authorities. Over the years we have kept our doors open and lights on at the Gym, through donations and sponsorship from local business men. To keep the club open, we rely on the contribution of club member subs and proceedings from Boxing shows to fund the club.

Last year we received the status of a Registered Charity. We are always grateful for donations.
The Repton is one of the most famous boxing clubs in the UK and is recognised globally for its boxing heritage fully deserved of the title “home of champions”. Although housed in a beautiful Victorian bathhouse the gymnasium is undoubtedly a place of work. The Gym’s rawness is evident and the blood, sweat, tears and discipline required to achieve in boxing are etched on the faces of the previous notorious boxers whose pictures stare down at the young pretenders from the “wall of fame”.

The skills required to become an elite boxer are taught, developed and honed by the Repton’s elite coaching staff which is headed by Tony Burns MBE. Tony has coached at The Repton for over 45 years and is pictured with many of the greats in boxing history including Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.
  • Competition Ring
  • 20 Heavy Bags
  • Changing Rooms
  • Circuit Area
  • Free Weights
Are there Beginners or Keep fit classes
We offer either of the classes which have become trendy in recent years at Leisure centres and Gyms which have sprung up to cater for keep fit enthusiasts. We do not have these facilities, which would create overcrowded conditions and is not what the club is about, but you can go along and start boxing, to see how you shape up.
How do I join Repton Boys
Any new members wanting to Join The Repton should first 'Register their interest' with your name, email and tel number on our website and then consult senior Coach Tony Burns by visiting the club first before commencing any training session.
Do you have a trial period for new boxers
All boxers are given a 3-4 week trial period, to get in shape. After that time, if you want to carry on you will be expected to start sparring and make a commitment to the club, to represent the club as a Repton Boxer. From that time you will be expected to start paying subs as an official member of the club.
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